Dave Brubeck – A Portrait in Words and Pictures by Steve Cerra

Dave Brubeck – A Portrait in Words and Pictures by Steve Cerra

Dave Brubeck photo taken from the blog

The actual title of the work is Dave Brubeck: A Life in American Music

This – what can I call it – this digital documentary of the life and times of Dave Brubeck, pianist, composer, diplomat and teacher, has got to have been a work of love. Steve Cerra is not by profession a musician or critic. He tells us he is a retired health insurance consultant.

Steve Cerra

What he shows us here is not only his mastery of the new digital forms in the blog world. He tells us of his love for this story. I have been seeing this work develop for some time.
I need to bring it forward to people who might read here and have not been fortunate enough to find it on their own. I hope that if he sees this he will not mind that I grabbed to photos from his blog.

Please take a look. You will be astounded.