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Music From the Hearts of Space – This Week

Music From the Hearts of Space – This Week

Program 908 Cloud of Promise

PGM image


Stephen tells us, “…The sound of a verdant landscape on a bright spring day. it reminds us of the natural environment that’s nurtured us since the beginning of life on earth. Looking out, our eyes come to rest on the horizon, the distant sky and delicate clouds. These are worlds that composers of environmental ambient music bring to us, melding sounds of the natural world into their music, and creating atmospheric soundscapes for us to travel in.

In the last 50 years, we’ve begun to recognize our responsibility to the environment ā€” for ourselves and for generations to come. Forest, mountain, jungle, grassland, desert, tundra, ocean: whatever your favorite, environmental music sends a message beyond ideology or politics ā€” to cherish our relationship to the natural world and expand our hope for the future.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, a terrestrial-ambient-future journey called CLOUD OF PROMISE….”

The program is free on Sunday 4.25.10.

Also free this week, Program 566: SYNTHETIC PLEASURES

Stephen’s introduction, “…OK, what lives in a metal box, runs on captive electrons, and travels at the speed of light? Why, it’s the program all you spacemusic fans have been clamoring for: an all-electronic hour of floating atmospheres, cosmic cruisers, ambient drifts, and sequential circuits called ā€” SYNTHETIC PLEASURES….”

Try either one free, then, choose from among a variety of subscriptions, which include THE RADIO CHANNEL, a changing group of programs. Sometimes it is hard to choose among over 900 programs, so HOS came up with solution to end all dilemmas.



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