Neel Murgai – Innova Artist at the Brook…

Neel Murgai – Innova Artist at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

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Innova brings us Neel Murgai, sitarist/composer wonder, just premiered his new work commissioned by us here at the American Composers Forum

Innova says, “…Raga-chamber-jazz? It’s true. As further evidence of the shrunken global village this album, sitarist-composer Neel Murgai’s first as a bandleader redefines the meaning of global dialogue. This is not the exotic fusion of your neighborhood deli but New Music that transcends the ancient future traditional. Rooted in North Indian classical styles, his music is inspired by a multitude of sources: raga, jazz, minimalism, free improvisation, Mongolian throat singing and Eastern European gypsy…

See Neel’s piece Videsi.

“…Featuring downtown improv wizard Mat Maneri on viola, Sameer Gupta (Supplicants, Marc Kerry�s Focus Trio) on tabla and Greg Heffernan (Paradox trio) on cello, this quartet is a perfect balance of sounds and styles. The delicate nuances of sitar and tabla are complemented by viola and cello to produce a stringy texture of radiant buoyancy.

“…Neel’s fresh compositions blend seamlessly with his new takes and adaptations of traditional material, but the music comes to life in the dynamic improvisation of the ensemble. They lend gravity to the moment as we are transported to higher realms. Their interaction is the real global dialogue, a spontaneous raga-chamber jazz.

“…If you ever loved the Mahavishnu Orchestra or Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition you’ll need to hear the Neel Murgai Ensemble.

The Neel Murgai Ensemble is:
Neel Murgai: sitar, voice, daf
Mat Maneri: viola
Sameer Gupta: tabla
Greg Heffernan: cello….”

I am enjoying this music very much.