A Little You, A Little Me Helga Davis fills in for Nadia Sirota this week on Nadia Sirota on Q2

A Little You, A Little Me Helga Davis fills in for Nadia Sirota this week on Nadia Sirota on Q2
The one, the only, Helga Davis

WQXR tells us, “…Vocalist and performance artist Helga Davis mixes rock, jazz, soul, and funk to create her own unique brand of music that defies boundaries. From her early days with Greg Tate’s band Women in Love to her role as Hilarion in the Robert Wilson/Bernice Johnson Reagon staging of Flaubert’s The Temptation of St. Anthony, Davis has made artistic choices that push boundaries and draw her listeners into ecstatic exploration with her. She has hosted Overnight Music since 2007…..”

Helga tells us, “…The streets of my Harlem village offer me the sights and sounds of the world. On my block alone, there’s a Mosque, a Baptist church, a Pentecostal church, a Masonic Temple, and The Church of Latter Day Saints right there on Lenox Avenue. The Senegalese drummers wake me at dawn each Monday morning with their dance, and their offerings give rise to the incense vendors who pause five times a day and offer the most beautiful music through the hum of traffic and cries of the sliced mango vendors from Mexico. In the evening, the homeboys of the lowest slung jeans ilk rock the block from an old-school boom box carried in the jaws of a pitbull terrier named Doobie. We traverse through myriad genres: musical, cultural, linguistic to complete a holistic emotional journey each day. At night we marvel at the wonder of our union in this seemingly, un-sharable bed. From this place, I am as moved by Abbey Lincoln’s heavenly view of mortal life, Down Here Below, as I am by measures fifty-eight through sixty-two of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. For me they are not and must never be separate conversations…
Haarlem street scene
Harlem street scene

“…This week on Q2, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue when you’re actually feeling kind of blue, or dissolve into the steady rhythm of your own heartbeat inside the music of Steve Reich. Either way, you won’t have to choose. You won’t have to make one better or worse. You can, for a moment, have it all…..”

When I saw MDD would be presented, I asked for two pieces. Concierto de Aranjuez from Sketches of Spain,
MDD SKetches

and My Funny Valentine from Cookin/With the Miles Davis Quintet
Cookin with