“A Visual History of WQXR”

“A Visual History of WQXR”
WQXR original logo

I grabbed the title and the image from the site, WQXR

There is a slide show at the site. Here is the text to whet your appetite:

“…WQXR has a long and storied history. Our slideshow illustrates milestones from the eight decades that WQXR has been on the air in New York.
WQXR has been on the air in New York for almost 80 years. During that time, the station has stayed true to its commitment to provide New Yorkers with access to great works of classical music. This slideshow illustrates some of the milestones in WQXR’s history…..”

If you are or were a listener to WQXR, or a listener or member of WNYC, you might know that when WNYC took over WQXR. we listeners went sort of to hell and back. There was great sturm un drang in the Comment pages. We WNYC listeners lost our FM source for New Music. We did, however, keep wnyc2, our 24/7 basically New Music web stream, renamed as Q2. That’s O.K., easier to type. WQXR listeners lost a number of their favorite on-air hosts. But, they kept the opera programming on Saturdays.

The storm has passed. Everyone who is still around seems pretty happy, again, judging fvrom the Comment pages. Also, the New Q seems to be doing quite well, as witness this article in the New York Times, “Classical Music’s Comeback, on Public Radio“.

If you are looking for really good traditional Classical music programming, don miss WQXR at 105.9 FM in New York City, or streaming in several formats at http://www.wqxr.org for the whole world.

If you seek the source for New Music, as we say “The Music you Crave”, “500 years of new music”, and “Non-generic Classical music”, why then it is Q2, streaming at http://www.wqxr.org/q2. Especially there you will find “Nadia Sirota on Q2“, every week day for four hours at noon and midnight.

Well, I guess from this graphic, you know where my heart is.