BEDROOM COMMUNITY – Four Musicians and Their Musician Friends

BEDROOM COMMUNITY – Four Musicians and Their Musician Friends

I do not know a lot about this group. I know of one of the “musician friends”, Nadia Sirota, from her work on WNYC and now WQXR. Presently, she hosts “Nadia Sirota on Q2”, a four hour themed program streamed at noon and midnight on Q2, the New Music audio stream of WQXR.

I know of Nico Muhly really though Nadia.

So, I discovered Bedroom Community from something that Nadia wrote, and I went looking to see what it was all about: The Whale Watching Tour, Spring 2010.

At their web site, they tell us,“..,Bedroom Community is an Icelandic record label/collective formed in 2006 by Valgeir Sigurðsson, with Nico Muhly and Ben Frost…
“…Like-minded, yet diverse individuals from different corners of the globe who all creatively orbit around an inconspicuous building and its inhabitants on the outskirts of Reykjavik Iceland- Greenhouse Studios where the music is mostly created….”

I found found six videos – pretty good quality, I must say. I am watching and listening over and over to get a sense of their scene. If I make comparisons, they are personal, my opinion only. I hear bits of Celtic, Appalachian, some times a hint of Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance). This is the closest group I have seen resembling something like the Bang On A Can All-stars.

I really like this group. I am not going to try to write much here, I do not know enough. I could scoot all around the internet and copy stuff out, that would be sort of dishonest and, here, not necessary.

I just suggest that you visit the site, watch and/or listen, and then if you like the music, buy it, either at the Bedroom Community site or Amazon. And, I suppose, iTunes.

The Bedroom Community is (thank you, Nadia)
Ben Frost – electric guitar, Australian, now based in Reykjavík, Iceland
Nico Muhly – piano and keyboards – Vermont, New York City
Valgeir Sigurosson – electronics and percussion, Iceland
Sam Amidon – Banjo and guitars Vermont
Daníel Bjarnason – Iceland

The “musician friends” are
Helgi Jónsson–vocals and trombone
Borgar Magnason – double bass
Una Sveinbjarnardóttir– violin
Nadia Sirota – viola