Peter Hum Presents the New Keith Jarrett – Charlie Haden CD

Peter Hum Presents the New Keith Jarrett – Charlie Haden CD

Peter Hum gives us a look at the new disc, Jasmine on ECM by Keith and Charlie Haden.
Keith Jarrett
Charlie Haden

I sort of wish that Peter had said more in his role as a critic because he is so knowledgeable. But one thing he does give us is a short video of Keith and Charlie talking about playing together and about music. The album was recorded at Keith’s studio and his house and studio are visible in the video. I first saw Keith’s property in his documentary film, Keith Jarrett – Art of Improvisation. I recognized the house immediately. I am a cyclist and I have ridden past the house many times. But, I cannot be sure where it is. I cannot remember the road. I would love just to know where it is.

I am looking forward to adding this album to my library, of course in .mp3 and from Amazon.