This Week on Hearts of Space – Komosu – Searching for the Sound of Emptiness

This Week on Hearts of Space – Komosu – Searching for the Sound of Emptiness

Program 909 Komosu on Hearts of Space

Stephen says, “The sound of Far East contemplative music from Japan. Despite the ferocious adoption of all things motorized and digital in East Asia, their sophisticated music traditions continue to reward the discerning space traveler. In fact, one of the principal instruments of Japan, the end-blown bamboo flute called the shakuhachi, was popularized by itinerant Zen Buddhist monks.

Originally called komoso or “straw mat monks” for the mats they carried to sleep on, beginning in the 13th century, they traveled the country soliciting alms — while playing the shakuhachi. By 1600 they began to play with straw baskets covering their heads — to show lack of ego and detachment from the world. After this they were called komuso or “monks of emptiness and nothingness.”

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, we listen for the sound of emptiness on a program called KOMUSO. ”

Stephen Hill

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