Innova Brings Us the Mayan Meanderings of Jeremy Haladyna

Innova Brings Us the Mayan Meanderings of Jeremy Haladyna

tells us, “Jeremy Haladyna just might be the foremost musical alchemist in the Americas. Because, for a decade he’s been quietly turning the laws of the Mayan calendar into music—in different ways. Thanks to him, it’s possible now to listen to the Mayan calendar. And if hearing the calendar doesn’t suggest Mayan legend and ritual turned into gold, you’ll be hard pressed not to hear rats, armadillos, snakes and sacrificial blood, which all run through this music in due course.

Leave it to the pioneering label Innova to feature the one-of-a-kind and newly hybridized. Over twenty years and eight visits to the Mayan region, American composer Jeremy Haladyna of UC Santa Barbara has ventured ever more deeply into the magic and mystery of Mayan culture, and given something back in the form of his unique body of work, SELECTIONS FROM THE MAYAN CYCLE. Spanning media and genre, from a single instrument, to voice, to computer, to DVD-audio, to full orchestra, this wide variety of pieces seeks to address everything from the most ancient roots of Mayan cosmology to contemporary Mayan political struggles.”

“Jeremy Haladyna at Labná, Yucatan…home to the resplendent arch, palace and sacbé [Mayan road]. August, 2005 [photo by Lisa Hosale]” from the web page of The Mayan Cycle.

At Sequenza21
, the great New Music blog, you can read the interview of Jeremy Haladyna, presented by Naxos, and conducted, I believe, by the emminent Phil Blackburn of Innova.

The CD is available at Innova, #754, US$15, or in .mp3 at Amazon, US$8.93.