This Week on Hearts of Space – Program 915 “Hybrids”

This Week on Hearts of Space – Program 915 “Hybrids”

About this program, Stephen Hill writes, “In biology and genetics, hybrids are the offspring of two different subspecies, genera, or families… of plants or animals. Nature creates hybrids randomly as part of natural selection; humans do it deliberately and call it “selective breeding.” Often the hybrids that result are stronger than the natural offspring, and we call that hybrid “vigor.”

In music, hybrids (or fusions) result from thinking outside the box, creating new combinations of genres, styles and instruments. As you’ll hear on this transmission of Hearts of Space called HYBRIDS, the results are often surprising, satisfying and…vigorous.” Music by Bruce Kaphan, Robert Rich, Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn, Michael Brook,, Toshinori Kondo & Bill Laswell, Forrest Fang, Jon Hassell, and Tony Levin.

Stephen Hill

From this weeks program:
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