This Week on Hearts of Space – Program 916 “American Reflections”

This Week on Hearts of Space – Program 916 “American Reflections”
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In celebration of July 4th, Stephen Hill writes,” This week we gather for our yearly July 4th celebration of American independence. It’s a festive affair, with food, fun and fireworks. In the last few years, the celebration has often been tempered by continuing national, global and planetary challenges, and this year is no exception. Somehow, it all seems to make the day more precious — a haven from cares and reconnection with friends and family on a fine summer day.

We take comfort in familiar food, games, and music. The summer concert season is in full swing: from neighborhood bars and county fairs to giant festivals, the panorama of celebratory American music is all around us, punctuated by dazzling visions in the night sky.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, we look back at the quiet roots of American music — folk tunes, hymns and ballads — and the simple purity of traditional acoustic instruments, on a program called AMERICAN REFLECTIONS.”

We enjoy music by David Modica, The Beyman Brothers, Bruce Kaphan*, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel, Marie De Muynck, Craig Urquhart, George Winston, and Jonathan Elias*.
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill

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*particular favorites of mine