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Innova releases Psychoangelo Panauromni

Innova releases Psychoangelo Panauromni

Innova says, “Improvised exchanges and composed moments are captured and placed in orbit. Through a psychoaural lens serendipitous connections are discovered. Mutations are then chiseled into layered, recombinant sonic tapestries where procedural chalk marks between composition and improvisation become blurred. The results remain, encoded with stories of multi-layered ambient expressions.

The trumpet, here, is as much a vocal instrument as a creator of texture, harmony, melody and rhythm, accessing world traditions as a pragmatic signaling device, conjurer of spirits, or hyper-technical expressions of the sublime, freely exploring new realms of gesture, line, and timbre. It is perfectly at home amongst the washes of electric guitar haze, or the micro-examination of small sounds.

Psychoangelo is: Glen Whitehead (trumpets, computer, effects processing) and Michael Theodore (computer, guitar, percussion)”

The album, #768 is available from Innova, $15, and in .mp3 from Amazon, $7.99


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