Holy Minimalism on Q2

Holy Minimalism on Q2
On Nadia Sirota on Q2,

Join Nadia all this week starting at 12 for music by spiritual minimalist icons Arvo Part and John Tavener, but also some lesser-known pieces by Hans Otte and Peteris Vasks.

Nadia tells us, “Arvo Pärt is one of those composers whose music stands out in a crowd; it’s compelling, it’s specific, and it’s moving. For years I’ve been casually referring to our friend Arvo as a “Holy Minimalist,” without really thinking about that genre distiction as it relates to anyone else but Arvo. How silly of me!

There are, in fact, quite a few composers out there who write mystical, religious, or meditative music that evokes a minimal or postminimal language. The deeper I dug, the more I found, and I’m very excited to share what I’ve discovered.
So! Holy Minimalism (Batman)! There are a lot of composers this week whose works are new to me, notably Hans Otte and Peteris Vasks.

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