New From Innova – Salo Sundial Lotus

New From InnovaSalo Sundial Lotus
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Innova tells us “Like the Yin-Yang of Taoist philosophy, Salo’s music encompasses nature’s opposing forces, and reveals them to be different aspects of the same energy.’ The interaction of these contrasting energies is the source for all movement and action.’ Serene and chaotic, elegant and awkward, simple and intricate, the dual identities complement one another to create a musical world that is a reflection of the (slightly larger) physical universe.

“Sundial Lotus” is the stunning debut album from this ensemble whose original writing thoroughly blurs the lines between jazz, new music, and rock. The ensemble consists of members of the Respect Sextet, Jerseyband, and Little Women, and the seven pieces give a performance that manages to be visceral and polished at the same time, while lending their own individual sounds to the beautiful, wild, and unpredictable compositions of Ben Gallina.

Ben Gallina

Salo is:
Alex Hamlin – alto saxophone, baritone saxophone
Ed RosenBerg – tenor saxophone
Josh Rutner – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Andrew Smiley – electric guitar
Red Wierenga – piano, keyboards
Ben Gallina – upright bass, electric bass
Alex Wyatt – drums, percussion

The CD is available $15. The .mp3 is available at Amazon $6.93