This Week on Hearts of Space Program 919 “Bayou Moon”

This Week on Hearts of Space Program 919 “Bayou Moon”

bayou Moon

About this program, Stephen Hill tells us, “Gather ’round all you swamp fans. This one’s for you. Yes, the great Mississippi Delta, home of deep Southern blues, Cajun, Dixieland, jazz, funk (and let’s-not-forget “sludge metal”) is callin’ you, on a program called BAYOU MOON.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, we wade into a hot and humid zone with a unique culture and a sense of place you can feel on your skin. Like a thick mist drifting out of the marsh, wetlands and barrier islands, bayou country has its own ambience, a sound that blends blues, creole, Indian, Cajun and jazz — and seasons it with a heavy coat of swamp sauce. It’s one of the most
distinctive cultural blends you’ll find anywhere.”

Stephen Hill

We will have music by Daniel Lanois, Ry Cooder, Michael Brook, Tom Newman, Patrick O’Hearn, Hammock, and Tino Izzo.

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