Innova Brings Us Anti-Social Music Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore

Innova Brings Us: Anti-Social Music Fracture The Music of Pat Muchmore

The band is Anti-Social Music, the composer is Pat Muchmore, the album is Fracture.

Apparently this music is not for the feint of heart.

Here is what Innova tells us about this work.

‘What happens when a bunch of talented musicians become hell-bent on recording something nearly unlistenable…What’s in a name [like Anti-Social Music]? This time, a lot.’ – Pitchfork

‘If Yo-Yo Ma and Ian MacKaye scored an Alfred Hitchcock film, Anti-Social Music might sleep through it[…]Imagine an orchestra wearing formal attire and combat boots, then replace the conductor’s baton with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.’ – Magnet

‘I was enthralled…“Fracture II” by Pat Muchmore is one of the few pieces I’ve heard recently that truly shocked me…a brilliant debut disc of adventurous classical music.’ – Dusted

New York City’s punk-chamber music collective, featuring members of The Hold Steady, Balkan Beatbox, Asphalt Orchestra, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Beauty Pill, Gutbucket, Mohair Time Warp and more, present their third full-length release which features the group’s most prolific composer.

Anti-Social Music: ASM has spent over 10 years of performing in punk squats, basements, rock clubs, and concert halls – and the music hasn’t fit in anywhere. ASM came together in November 2000 for what was originally intended only as a one-off concert called “An Afternoon of Anti-Social Chamber Music.” Now, ASM presents concerts twice yearly of exclusively premiere compositions written and performed by ASM members and associates … which, are, by the way, intended to not be so gosh-darn serious. This stuff is supposed to be fun, no? The group fills the year with monthly repertoire shows featuring themes and greatest hits, often pairing with punk groups, weirdo jazz groups, and theatre acts. And most shows feature artwork and stage design by some of their favorite local artists.

Pat Muchmore: Somewhere between a theory professor at Sarah Lawrence College, a cellist/trombonist/pianist on loads of rock records, and a PhD whose dissertation analyzed Nine Inch Nails, you’ll find Pat Muchmore – whose intense music is at once viscerally immediate and compositionally rigorous. After Muchmore’s “Fracture II” was the lead track on Anti-Social Music Sings the Great American Songbook (Peacock Records), Muchmore’s fractured ethos and legendary performances began to encapsulate the entire spirit of ASM. Thus the full-length Fracture.”

Anti-Social Music
The CD, Innova #760 is available $15, , the .mp3 album is at Amazon $8.99