Cuneiform Releases for September 2010 – Big Stuff

Cuneiform Releases for September 2010 – Big Stuff
Friday The Thirteenth
“Amidst the natty suits and serious prouncements of the 1980s jazz scene, the Microscopic Septet’s arrow-through-the-head celebration of the music’s history was sorely out of place–unfortunate for the financial prospects of the Micros and the joyless approach taken by too many of their peers. Cuneiform’s two-volume , four-disc retrospective of the Micro’s too-meager output was perhaps the most welcome resurrection of the last few years, only eclipsed now by the return of the flesh-and-blood band itself….”

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Richard Pinhas Metal Crystal

“Richard and Merzbow are both among the best-known figures in electronic rock music today. Merzbow is probably the single best-known artist in noise music today. While Richard’s work wouldn’t be considered to be in the ‘noise’ arena, many of the artists in the field have expressed great interest in his pioneering use of synthesizers and electronics in rock and contemporary music from the 1970s until the present. Despite coming from very different backgrounds, they had long expressed admiration for each others work. Given all of this, it is probably not surprising that the most important electronic musicians of France and Japan should finally collaborate together…”

Jason Robinson
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The Two Faces of Janus

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Universe Zero Heresie
“Founding members of the original “Rock In Opposition” [R.I.O.] movement and the inventors of “chamber rock”, Univers Zero have continued to change and grow and develop over their entire career, while still keeping a ensemble sound and spirit that is easily recognizable….”

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You can read more at the Cuneiform web site. Cuneiform is one the the most important labels bringing new artists to the public.