This Week on Hearts of Space – Program 736R “Hydrology”

This Week on Hearts of Space – Program 736R “Hydrology”

About this program Stephen Hill tells us, “Here’s a show about water. Salt or fresh, almost 3/4 of our planet is covered by it, and it makes up to 65 percent of our bodies. It’s our most important nutrient — we simply can’t live without it. No wonder it’s a common theme for ambient music.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, spacemusic that celebrates water, on a program called HYDROLOGY. From the primordial ocean, the source of all life — we’ll navigate rivers and streams, lakes and marshes — tracing the water cycle. Music is by VANGELIS, LISA WALKER, JEFF GREINKE, ROBERT RICH, TIM GERWING, RUSTY CRUTCHER, DAVID PARSONS and KIT WATKINS.
Stephen Hill

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