At Q2 “Chou Wen-chung and the Brentano String Quartet”

At Q2 “Chou Wen-chung and the Brentano String Quartet”
Chou Wen-chung (Belinda Quan) [from the Q2 page]

On Monday, September 20 at 7:00PM, Q2 presents an evening devoted to Chou Wen-chung — one of the legendary composers of our time. Host Nadia Sirota and Mr. Chou welcome some of today’s leading musicians, who will honor his profound contributions to contemporary music with a live performance from the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. This event will stream live on Q2 and be available as a videocast on this page and at The Green Space

Nadia Sirota

The highlight of the evening will be a performance of Mr. Chou’s expansive string quartet Clouds, by the Brentano String Quartet, who commissioned the work.
From the Brentano web site

Also on the program is Chou’s The Willows Are New, performed by pianist Jenny Lin. This piece is based on a poem by Wang Wei (689-759) and uses the piano in decidedly non-Western-pianistic ways. Stephen Dydo will perform an ancient composition on a rare silk-stringed qin, and Claire Chase will play Edgard Varèse’s Density 21.5, for solo flute, which she recently performed to great acclaim at Alice Tully Hall.