At Q2, “Host Nadia Sirota Celebrates Leonard Bernstein”

At Q2, “Host Nadia Sirota Celebrates Leonard Bernstein

Nadia Sirota, the absolute genius of Q2, but really a virtuoso violist, did an outstanding job curating a four hour program devoted to Leonard Bernstein as a composer and conductor.
Nadia Sirota
The program streamed on Wednesday, August 25th. Fortunately, you can still click into the link above and listen to this fascinating program. Four hours is not enough to do justice to Leonard Bernstein. But, there is enough here to tease you into delving more into this wonderful musical spirit.

Further, you can still go to the WNYC production Our Lenny.
Leonard Bernstein

This photo accompanied Leonard Bernstein: An American Life, an eleven part radio project by Steve Rowland, which is available in .mp3 download at the site.

And last, but way not least, go find Danny Felsenfeld’s remembrance of Leonard Bernstein at his NewMusicBox blog.