Q2 “Introducing Paola Prestini”

Q2 “Introducing Paola Prestini
Q2 tells us,

Starting Monday, August 30, Q2 turns over the Internet airwaves to the vibrant young composer Paola Prestini in the next in our series of Composer Introductions. Listen at the top of every hour on Monday as Prestini introduces her own work, and throughout the week for a sustained focus on her music. We’re also pleased to offer a limited-time free download of the recent Stone live performance of Labyrinth for violin and electronics performed by Cornelius Dufalo.

Paola Prestini was born in Italy and raised in America. She now makes her home in both San Francisco and New York. She writes music for acoustic instruments and electronics, and is happy onstage as well as behind the scenes. Amidst all of this activity, her music remains beautifully cohesive.