New from Nico Muhly “I Drink the Air Before Me”

Out today and available at Bedroom Community is a new Album, I Drink the Air Before Me
i drink

About the work, Nico tells us, “” I Drink the Air Before Me is an evening-length score for Stephen Petronio’s dance piece bearing the same name. Inasmuch as it was celebrating Stephen’s company’s 25th anniversary, the piece wanted to be big, ecstatic, and celebratory. Our initial meeting, in which we discussed the structure of the work, yielded a sketch: a giant line, starting at the lower left hand side of a napkin, and ending in the upper right. Start small, get big! The rules: a children’s choir should begin and end the piece. The work should relate to the weather: storms, anxiety, and coastal living. A giant build-up should land us inside the center of a storm, with whirling, irregular, spiral-shaped music and irregular, spiral-shaped dancing. Using these rules, I divided up the piece into a series of episodes all hinging around spiral-shaped constellations of notes. These are most audible in Music Under Pressure 3, and least audible when they are absent, in the diatonic, almost plainchant music that the choir sings at the end, the text of which comes from Psalm 19:”

Alex Sopp Flute
Seth Baer Bassoon
Michael Clayville Trombone
Nico Muhly Piano
Nadia Sirota Viola
Logan Coale Bass
Young People’s Chorus of New York, Choir, Francisco Nuñez, director
Programming by Valgeir Sigurðsson (Jagged Pulses) and Ben Frost (Salty Dog, Storm Center)

I am listening through for the second time as I write this. I rarely make critical comments, first because i am not qualified to, and second because these days interested people can always get to some web site to listen to samples. But, hey, i had nothing better to do, it’s after 4:00PM, so Nadia is off at Q2, so i am listening. this is a wonderful musical experience. give yourself a treat an listen to some really listenable New Music, from the Downtown New york New Music scene with an Icelandic tinge.

This is a Bedroom Community Record

And, hey, Nadia Sirota plays viola on the project.