NPR’s “First Listen” is a Qualified Hit

First Listen at NPR/music is simply put, almost terrific.
I listened to two albums, track by track. The “almost” is that after several tracks in each album on two different computers, the next track would not start at the click, I had to re-launch the web page. They will get that fixed.

Steve Reich Double Sextet/2X5
The Bad Plus Never Stop

On the one hand, I liked both albums and will probably buy them both in .mp3 at Amazon.

But, that is not the point here. The points here are that 1) NPR’s First Listen is a first rate destination for serious composers to get their music out to the public; and 2) the listening public would be well served to check in with this site to see what is new.

This is easily done, as the site has RSS feed, which is how I knew what was available.