A 24-Hour Marathon of Music from the 30 …

A 24-Hour Marathon of Music from the 30 Remaining Project 440 Composers


On Wednesday, September 8, Q2 offers 24 continuous hours to immerse yourself in the distinct sound worlds of the 30 remaining Project 440 composers. Many of the pieces featured come from live concerts with exclusively granted permissions, so it’s your opportunity to hear broadcast premieres from the composers of tomorrow.

Project 440 is an innovative collaboration between Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and WQXR, relying on a crowd-sourcing dialogue among music enthusiasts and a panel of industry experts to determine which four composers will be awarded Orpheus 2011-2012 season commissions. Of the 60 composers originally selected to compete, 30 now remain, with the 12 finalists to be announced live on WQXR on September 9.”

I will be driving around Central New Jersey, but I will have my handy new Droid 2 cell phone, which I bought SPECIFICALLY to be able to hear Q2 anytime.