Jazz Listeners: On “Soundcheck” Today, a Miles Davis “Smackdown”

I have been eagerly awaiting this program at John Schaefer’s Soundcheck on WNYC

John Schaefer

The debate is Kind of Blue vs Bitches Brew
Kind of Blue Columbia (1959)

Bitches Brew Columbia (1970)

John welcomes Ashley Kahn, a music historian and author (Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece), and Will Layman, a Jazz critic, writer, and teacher.

You can listen to the approximately 25 minute segment; you can download the piece; you can look at the always interesting Comments page right on the main page, just scroll down.
One thing you cannot be is bored by this discussion.

Miles will always be important. These two albums will always be important. Check it out.

For more on Miles Dewey Davis, visit Steve Rowland’s Artistowned web site and download the Miles Davis Radio Project .