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Victoire’s Cathedral City from New Amsterdam Records will be released September 28, 2010
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Here is what New Amsterdam tells us about Victoire
: The acclaimed chamber-rock quintet Victoire will release their debut album, Cathedral City, September 28th on New Amsterdam Records. The album is the follow-up to their critically-lauded EP A Door into the Dark, which was handpicked for release last spring through eMusic’s exclusive “Selects” series. The album was composed entirely by Victoire founder/composer/performer Missy Mazzoli and features guest appearances from Bryce Dessner of The National, composer/bassist Florent Ghys, composer/performer William Brittelle and versatile vocalist Mellissa Hughes.

Mazzoli founded Victoire in 2007 and the ensemble of Brooklyn-based, classically-trained women has proven to be the perfect vehicle for her distinctive blend of post-rock dreamscapes and quirky minimalism. Deemed “one of the most surprising composers now working in New York” by The New York Times and “Brooklyn’s Post-Millennial Mozart” by Time Out New York, Missy fuses lo-fi electronics, keyboards, strings and winds into works that are extraordinarily complex yet delicately beautiful.”

Victoire is:
Missy Mazzoli composer/pianist
Olivia De Prato (violin)
Eileen Mack (clarinet),
Lorna Krier (keyboards)
Eleonore Oppenheim (double bass)

Some photos of Victoire, well, parts of photos, from their web site.
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At Amazon the CD will be, $11.99, The .mp3 $7.12 (not a misprint – as Philip says, “Somewhere, a village is missing its idiots).