From ECM: Stephan Micus: Bold As Light

Newly released from ECM
Stephan Micus: Bold As Light
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US-Release Date on November 9, 2010

Here is what ECM tells us about the composer and the album, ” ‘The idea of sitting down at a table and making a composition on paper is totally foreign to me. To come up with a piece of music, I have to make the sound myself, have the instruments in my hands.’

Stephan Micus (1953) has a special and intense relationship with the countless instruments he plays. Many of the instruments, a number of which come from Asia or Africa, represent age-old musical traditions, some of them dying out while others have congealed into the stuff of museum exhibits. But in Micus’ hands they come alive again. He experiments with new sound possibilities and often plays the instruments in ways other than those he was taught by local masters during his distant travels. Improvising, he comes up with the most surprising combinations of instruments, whose melodic lines he plays separately into a multi-track recorder. The resulting polyphonic structures are staggeringly and mysteriously beautiful.
Micus’ three main sound protagonists in Bold As Light are the raj nplaim (a free-reed pipe made of bamboo) from Laos, the nohkan (a bamboo flute) from Japan, and the many male voices, which, of course, are all sung by Micus himself.

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With this CD -the nineteenth for ECM- , the impressive discography Stephan Micus has built up continues unabated, each time with new and unique music.

Stephan Micus plays on this recording: raj nplaim, bass zither, chord zither, bavarian zither, nohkan, shô, voice, kalimba, shakuhachi, sinding

Part 1 | Rain
Part 2 | Spring Dance
Part 3 | Flying Swans
Part 4 | Wide River
Part 5 | Autumn Dance
Part 6 | Golden Ginkgo Tree
Part 7 | The Shrine
Part 8 | Winter Dance
Part 9 | The Child
Part 10| Seven Roses

Recorded 2007-2010

ECM 2173

US-Release Date on November 9, 2010. At Amazon, the CD $18.98. There is no listing yet for .mp3