The Lord of the Rings Symphony: Six Movements for Orchestra and Chorus

Howard Shore created the music for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
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Subsequently, he created a six movement symphony from the movie scores. I love this music. Apparently, this symphony has not yet been recorded.

But, guess what -there is a video, Howard Shore – Creating the Lord of the Rings Symphony.

While I could not yet find the video at Netflix, the video is available at Amazon.

Even more guess what, the video is available at Google Videos , 50 minutes. The video at Amazon is 52 minutes, so you pretty much see it all.

If you use Firefox, and you have the add-in Fast Video Download, and have checked the box for video downloads;or, if you have an up to date build of RealPlayer, , you can just grab it off. The video does not do well in full screen. But, if you like the movies and the music, the video is well worth it,

In either case, the download will be in .flv, Flash video. To make it more mobile, e.g. for Zune or some other player, you can use AVS Video Converter 6 from AVS4You and convert the video to .mp4 or whatever format you use.

You can hear Howard Shore discussing the music at Soundcheck at WNYC