Must Reads for a Jazz Listener

If you are serious Jazz listener, these web strivers are must reading. If you know of others – and there must be others – please tell me about them.

Howard Mandel’s Jazz Beyond Jazz Howard is a very thoughtful writer. I have learned a lot from him.
Howard Mandel

Peter Hum’s Peter sits up there in the ice and snow and knows everything going on in NYC. How does he do that?

All About Jazz This is an amazing news center. Long and thorough articles on all sorts of subjects.
All About Jazz also is the home of the Jazz Bulletin Board, a very rich source of information and “conversation” about Jazz.

JazzCorner This is a hugely important forum, especially on artists performing.

Bebopified Pamela’s sub heading is “live jazz mostly in Minneapolis-St. Paul”. Don’t believe it. She seems to get around the country pretty well.

Jazz Profiles Written by Steve Cerra. This is a fabulous blog.

Josh Jackson’s The Checkout. Josh is the special projects person at WBGO, Jazz 88, Newark, NJ

So, I am not doing more here than give links to these very useful sources on the Jazz world. please check them out for yourself. And, if you know of any other good spots, please let me know about them.