This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 925 Conjuring the Eternal

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About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us,
“The folk music of the Eastern edge of Europe — Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia and Macedonia — has its own harmonic signature and vocal expression.

It’s a sound that carried the emotions of ordinary people across time during a period when music was nothing but “user generated content” — part of a cultural arc that stretched across popular, secular and sacred music, and (in the words of Hungarian ethnomusicologist IREN LOVASZ) “a helper and healer in life-and-death situations and the events that turn and shape one’s fate.”

On this transmission of Hearts of Space…a collection of Eastern European songs, traditional and newly inspired, on a program called CONJURING THE ETERNAL. Music is by MARTA SEBESTYEN, IRINA MIKHAILOVA, STELLAMARA, IREN LOVASZ, MISHA ALPERIN, and BRIAN KEANE & OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK.

Stephen Hill

From the program:

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