From First Listen at NPR Two New Important Albums

NPR has a very important new music project, First Listen.

Two albums presented today are really important.

Bob Dylan, The Witmark Demos 1962-1964 is a collection of 23 demos made for Witmark. Here is part of waht NPR tells us
“Most of the recordings on The Witmark Demos 1962-1964 were made for the M. Witmark & Sons publishing company. Artists would record their songs for publishing companies so they might be heard by other artists wishing to cover their songs, or maybe for TV or movie use.

Witmark had a small 6×8-foot studio, and it’s there that these songs were recorded and then transcribed into sheet music. So what you get is a fairly relaxed and young Bob Dylan playing his newest songs at the time. You hear flubs, forgotten verses, inspired playing and brilliant songs. Many of these tunes you already know, even if you’re just a casual Dylan fan. But you’ve probably never heard “Mr. Tambourine Man” on piano, or the roughly 15 songs never released in any official form.
image 1

You can read the rest and listen to the album here.

The second album is from Elton John and Leon Russell, ‘The Union’
image 2
Part of what NPR tells us:
“John and Russell team up seamlessly on The Union, with the aid of guests such as Neil Young, Brian Wilson and Booker T. Jones, not to mention songwriter Bernie Taupin and the producer synonymous with pedigreed collaborations of this nature, T-Bone Burnett.”

Again, you can read more at the web site, and also listen to these great artists in performance.

After you listen, if you like what you hear, make NPR a hero by buying the music. That’s what it is all about, folks, supporting the art form of Music.