From HypeBot, via AAJ

All About Jazz strikes again, bringing us a discussion of the plight of the music industry from Hypebot. Forgive me, you will need to get the link from the AAJ link above. The Hypebot link is so long I do not trust myself to copy and paste it in here.

So, I am going to tease you with just a bit of AAJ’s tease:

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This guest post is by Charlotta Hedman (@fjoms), a journalist who blogs for the Music 4.5 project, a series of events for the tech and music industries.

Copyright is confusing. Is it working, isn’t it working and if it isn’t working, what should be done about it? We decided that the best way to make some sense of this complicated and often vicious debate was to ask experts and commentators what they think. Here are their answers. ”

At the end of the Hypebot piece, if you wish, you can see my comment.