This Week From Hearts Of Space: PGM 928 Apparitions


About this program Boris Karloff -OOPS! Stephen Hill – tells us,

“…Scorpio…gateway to the underworld. Once again we return to the dark times, the world of witches and sorcerers, ghosts and goblins, spirits…and shades. It’s an emotional terrain encoded in our genes: ancient and primal, ruled by fear and revulsion, death and decay…an atavistic legacy from the days when magic and mystery ruled the earth.

Today, we have Dark Ambient Electronica to exorcise those lingering demons, an art form that conjures up strange, disturbing, melancholy worlds…with sound. Think of it as sonic therapy for your inner phantoms.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, a ghostly, necromantic journey for Halloween, on a program called APPARITIONS. Music is by CIRCULAR, VOICE OF EYE, SOUNDING THE DEEP, DAN POUND, HUMAN METRONOME & 33 TETRAGAMMON, ROBERT RICH & B.LUSTMORD, and TOR LUNDVALL.
Stephen Hill

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