New from ECM: Three Albums

There is no finer label than ECM.

So, when this company releases new albums, music lovers need to pay attention. We have news of three releases, and we will tell you what ECM says of these albums.
Trygve Seim, Andreas Utnem Purcor
Songs For Piano and Saxophone
Trygve Seim tenor and soprano saxophones, Andreas Utnem piano, harmonium
ECM 2186

“Modestly subtitled “Songs for saxophone and piano”, this recording quietly covers a lot of ground, with repertoire including new musical settings of parts of the Mass, folk songs, theatre music, improvisations, and a new version of Seim’s softly-breathing tune Bhavana (first heard on “Different Rivers”). Purcor is the first recorded documentation of a duo that already has a 14 year history. In the mid 1990s pianist-composer Andreas Utnem, working with Norway’s Church City Mission foundation, invited saxophonist Seim to join him for selected church services, improvising around variations on the psalms and playing some of his compositions and Trygve’s. In time, this developed into an informal regular ‘gig’ and in 2008 the players decided it was time to record the special music they had shaped along the way. Purcor was recorded at Tøyen Kirke, a church in the older part of Oslo. The album is a thoughtful and reflective album, of great charm.”

Markku Ounaskari, Samuli Mikkonen Kuára
Psalms and Folk Songs
Markku Ounaskari drums, Samuli Mikkonen piano, Per Jørgensen trumpet, voice
ECM 2116

“Finnish percussionist Markku Ounaskari made a strong impression on producer Manfred Eicher during the recording of Sinikka Langeland’s Starflowers album and was invited to present his own project, and it is a fascinating one, with source material including Russian psalms and folk songs from displaced Finnish peoples (Karelians, Udmurtians, Vepsäns) – all approached from improvisational perspectives. It feels like a voyage over unfamiliar terrain, or as Markku says, “like a journey through the night”. The disc is an ECM debut for up and coming pianist Samuli Mikkonen, and a welcome return for Norwegian trumpeter-singer Per Jørgensen, familiar from ECM discs with Michael Mantler, Jon Balke and Miki N’Doye.”

Roscoe Mitchell/The Note Factory Far Side
Roscoe Mitchell saxophones, flutes, Corey Wilkes trumpet, flugelhorn
Craig Taborn piano, Vijay Iyer piano, Harrison Bankhead cello, double-bass
Jaribu Shahid double-bass, Tanni Tabbal drums, Vincent Davis drums

ECM 2087

“Live at the Burghausen Jazz Festival 2007. One of the great conceptualists and musical architects of the post-Coltrane era with his band of paired instrumentalists. Two drummers, two bassists, two terrific pianists, and the composer himself and young AACM lion Corey Wilkes out front. Roscoe’s writing for the group is by turns complex and rigorously-controlled and freewheeling and wide open, with space for interaction and strong solos.”

All brought to you from the deft hand of
Manfred Eicher