Cued Up On Q2: Nadia Sirota’s Favorite Electroacoustic Performances Recoded Live in New York City

“This Sunday, November 7 at 2 p.m on Cued Up on Q2, listen to some of host Nadia Sirota’s favorite electroacoustic performances from New York City.”

Nadia Sirota

Here is what Q2 tells us about the program:

“One of the conspicuously binding forces between the music of concert halls and dance halls in the past fifty years has been the use of electronically generated sounds. In other words, if there was a Venn diagram that included Stockhausen and Lady Gaga, or David Tudor and N.W.A., the overlap would be electronics…

Featuring sets from (Le) Poisson Rouge, MATA Festival, and past Bang on a Can Marathons, Q2 presents live recordings from prominent and emerging members of the electroacoustic aristocracy, including recent Composer Portraits Missy Mazzoli, Tristan Perich and Caleb Burhans, as well as Daniel Bjarnason, Daniel Wohl, Annie Gosfield and Bora Yoon.

Featured on this episode is Gosfield’s haunting treat, Lightening Slingers and Dead Ringers, for electronics and piano (played by Lisa Moore). “Lightening Slingers,” which is a railroad term for telegraph operator, and “dead ringers” or look-alikes, might reflect the propulsive juxtaposition of Gosfield’s unrecognizable sampled acoustic instruments with one of the most familiar instruments of the last few centuries — the piano.

We’ll also delve into selections from the electroacoustic minglings of Matmos and So Percussion, whose complete June 8, 2010 concert at (Le) Poisson Rouge forms part of the Q2 Live Concerts archive.