Don’t Miss A Blog Supreme/NPR Jazz on Randy Weston


Patrick Jarenwattananon brings us to the interview of Randy Weston by Neal Conan on NPR’s Talk Of The Nation.

Patrick introduces the subject:

“The great jazz pianist and composer Randy Weston, 84, has a new album out called The Storyteller. It’s an appropriate title: If you’ve glanced at any of his new autobiography, African Rhythms, you know he’s full of vivid, incredible tales.

Motema Music (2010)


“Weston’s parents raised him to be immensely proud of his African heritage. His journey in life took him from Brooklyn to Japan during World War II, to 52nd Street during the height of Swing Street, to Western Massachusetts summer resort towns when he needed to clean up his life, to 18 countries in Africa — he lived in Morocco for years. In all that, he became an imposing piano stylist and creative visionary. And he documents it all in his new book.

Weston spoke with host Neal Conan on NPR’s Talk Of The Nation today. Here’s the audio archive of that conversation. This morning, I caught his autobiography’s “arranger,” Willard Jenkins, on the phone to talk about Randy Weston records, traveling to Morocco and shaping African Rhythms over the course of the last decade.”

Read the full article and read or listen to the interview here.