Q2 Pumps Up “Credo”

From Q2Live Concerts
a Blessed Event.
Q2 tells us,
“We are so excited to bring you audio of this event!

Last Monday, November 15, we had the great pleasure of streaming Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival: Credo, a truly inspiring show featuring world premieres by Kjartan Sveinsson and Jónsi Birgisson, members of the Icelandic art-rock band Sigur Rós, performed by a stellar roster of international ensembles, including the Hilliard Ensemble, the Latvian National Choir and the Wordless Music Orchestra led by Jeffrey Milarsky.

The quality of the music and the performances, the subtle, powerful sweep of the night’s programming, and the rapt audience completely blew us away. We were equally floored by how many people from all around the world participated in our live stream of the event, voicing their perceptive, thoughtful comments along the way in our live, international Web chat. It was such a special night for Q2, and we want to thank you all for contributing the the overwhelmingly positive experience. It’s inspiring to see the internet facilitate community, not negativity.

Now you can re-live (or experience for the first time!) this concert, with WNYC’s John Schaefer as your capable guide, whenever you wish, streaming on-demand. If you want to jump straight to the music, we’ve also excerpted the two Sveinsson world premieres, Cage a Swallow Can’t You but you Can’t Swallow a Cage and Credo, and well as the Jónsi & Alex second half set of selections from Riceboy Sleeps, orchestrated by David Handler.