This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 931 SUBLIME AUSTERITY


About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us,

Austerity…it’s a word we’re hearing a lot these days.

It’s being prescribed as bitter medicine for our collective financial situation, associated with the need for fiscal discipline, an antidote for our tendency to live beyond our means. In this context, austerity is painful, even unnatural.

In music, austerity can have the opposite effect — where less is more, simple is powerful, and quiet…speaks loudly. It’s the antidote for complexity, not luxury.

The folk, classical, and sacred music of Northern and Eastern Europe often has this quality. Born out of long winters, bitter cold, and centuries of hardship and strife, it’s a sound whose beauty and power come from unadorned simplicity, purity, and authentic emotions. On this transmission of Hearts of Space, a program called SUBLIME AUSTERITY.

Once again we turn to the German label ECM — the record company that, more than any other, has brought us the music of Northern and Eastern Europe in hundreds of austere, magnificent recordings. Featured artists are TRYGVE SEIM & ANDREAS UTNEM, VASSILIS TSABROPOULOS & ANJA LECHNER, JAN GARBAREK & THE HILLIARD ENSEMBLE, GIDON KREMER & KREMERATA BALTICA, and Georgian composer GIYA KANCHELI.

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