From the Q2 Blog

Q2 Blog tells us, “You’ve hopefully heard Q2’s stings countless times by now. Stings are the pre-recorded, station-identifying short bits of music used as segues between songs. In radio jargon, they’re also referred to as sweepers, stingers, radio/station imaging, bumpers, shotguns… admittedly, the radio industry has some eccentric terminology.

We are thrilled to announce that the omniverous, innovative New York-based percussion quartet So Percussion agreed to record stings for Q2, which you’ll soon hear regularly on Q2. These short musical compositions will provide the music between the music, the sonic connective tissue of the station.

Carrying vibes, marimbas, harmonium, drum kit, portable organ, harmonica and assorted metallic, glass and ceramic percussion instruments, So Percussion came into our studio recently to record this Q2 theme music. You’ll have to wait until they’re integrated into the Q2 stream to hear them in all their permutations.

So Percussion