This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 832R KONTINUUM


About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us,

“If musical genres had birthdays, electronic music would now be over a hundred years old. The first playable instruments appeared around the 1920s, but things really got going in 1957 with the invention of the first vacuum tube synthesizer. You can still see this electronic fossil at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center at Columbia University in New York City.

Since then, electronic music has been on a roll, merging with the computer to breed new instruments and new sounds in a 50-year period of continuous evolution. On this transmission of HEARTS of SPACE, another excursion in the electronic soundscape called KONTINUUM.

The famous “space-time continuum” in physics merges 3-dimensional space and time into a single four-dimensional construct. In music as in science, a continuum is something that retains a common character from beginning to end, and changes by regular degrees — like the music on this program, by KLAUS SCHULZE, RICHARD BONE, PSICODREAMICS, DAVID PARSONS, and IGNEOUS FLAME.

Stephen Hill

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