From Nadia Sirota On Q2: The Best of 2010


Cool image, Nadia

Nadia says,

“It’s totally snowing here in New York. Perhaps you’ve read the internet about it; people are into it. So hey, there’s something about a snow day that really lends itself to reflection. Especially a snow day in the last week of a year, say 2010, for example.

We’ve had a really great 2010 here at Q2. To be fair, at just over 1 year old, we’ve done almost everything we’ve ever done in 2010… but hooray! It was a nice year. While we look forward to a great big fat new year of New Music in 2011, we thought we’d take a moment and reflect on all the wonderful things that happened this past season.

This week on Nadia Sirota on Q2, we’ll tour some of the best albums, artists and live performances of 2010. So grab a steaming hot beverage of some sort and let’s reminisce, shall we?