Cued Up On Q2: Bush via Bleckmann

From Cued Up On Q2

This week, “Theo Bleckmann launches the music of Kate Bush at (Le) Poisson Rouge

“Kicking off the winter season of Cued Up on Q2, we’re proud to honor Kate Bush by way of Theo Bleckmann. Bush — an unrelenting experimentalist — blew Madonna out of the water in the UK’s charts in 1985, forever changing the world’s perception of a female solo artist. Always warming and delightfully eyebrow-raising, vocal wizard Theo Bleckmann interprets songs by the iconic British songstress in this week’s episode.

Theo Bleckman

Kate Bush

As a teenager, the self-taught Bush recorded over 50 demos of her compositions, eventually garnering the interest of Pink Floyd’s guitarist, David Gilmour. Embracing DIY for the sake of functionality, not fashion, Bush created her own studio, publishing company and management company. She played a significant role in her choreography, set design and even staff recruitment. With all of this hyper-focused oversite, she was able to sculpt some hopelessly unconventional sounds and visuals into an accessible package.”

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