From Q2: Aaron J Kernis


Q2’s January 2011 Composer Portrait
Introducing Aaron Jay Kernis

“For the first composer portrait of 2011, Q2 is pleased to focus on Philadelphia-born composer Aaron Jay Kernis. We kick things off during the week of January 3 with some of his seminal works, including many introduced by the composer himself.

In addition to our daily 7 p.m. focus on an exclusive, live recording or defining aspect of Kernis’s career, we will also offer on-demand streaming audio introductions to that day’s prominent compositions.

This Monday, hear a rare, live recording of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra performing Kernis’s Concerto with Echoes, premiered in 2009 as the final in a series of six commissions by Orpheus, each taking a different J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto as a source of inspiration. We’ll follow Concerto with Echoes with its complementary Brandenburg Concerto No. 6.

Born in 1960, Aaron Jay Kernis’s international reputation was cemented at an early age when, at the age of 23, his Dream of the Morning Sky was premiered by the New York Philharmonic. His talents continued to be celebrated when in 1998 he won the Putlizer Prize in Music for his String Quartet No. 2, ‘musica instrumentalis’ and the Grawemeyer Award in 2002 for Colored Field, making him the youngest ever recipient of each of these prestigious awards.

There are six pieces available on demand at the page web site.