At”Cephas Bowles, WBGO’s leader who guided the station to nationwide prominence”


This is the second great article about the leader of WBGO, Jazz 88, Newark, NJ.

This is a copyright protected article, so just enough to get you interested.

by Peggy McGlone/The Star-Ledger

“Cephas Bowles appears to be an unassuming Mr. Reliable: the unflappable leader who doesn’t get excited, never raises his voice, never seems to rush. ‘You can never tell when you first talk to him if it’s good news or bad news,’ says WBGO board member and longtime friend Oliver Quinn. ‘I’ve known him for 30 years, and on the phone he always begins by saying “Cephas Bowles, WBGO.”

The president and CEO of WBGO-Jazz 88 has ‘an old-school gentlemanly’ quality about him, says college classmate and fellow broadcaster Bob Costas. ‘He’s cool, but he’s a jazz man,’ Costas says.

But beneath his throw-back exterior — his hair and beard cropped close, his suit always dark, his shoes always shined — Bowles is a technological innovator, a cautious but bold leader willing to take necessary risks, and a lover of jazz (the music he calls America’s greatest) who believes celebrating its artistry is a public service.

‘Other jazz stations are dropping like flies, but we’re committed,’ says Bowles, 58, a native of Newark who now lives with his wife in Dover. ‘The station is 31 years old and it is still connected to this American art form.’ ”

Cephas Bowles

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