This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 934 RESONANT BRONZE

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us,

“Like a cooling harmonic vapor descending from the Himalayan plateau and the Buddhist cultures of Tibet and Nepal, traditional instruments of the metallophone family — singing bowls, bells, gongs and cymbals — are celebrated for their rare alloys, tonal purity, and uncanny psychological power.

Introduced to the west in 1971 in a classic recording by the pioneering Tibetan Bells ensemble led by HENRY WOLFF and NANCY HENNINGS, they used traditional instruments to create a new music, both artistic and contemplative — a healing antidote to the often chaotic sounds of our urban environment and contemporary soundscape.

Over the last 40 years, these unique instruments have become a calling for a small group of dedicated contemplative musicians. On this transmission of Hearts of KASpace, we immerse ourselves once again in their timeless tones, on a program called RESONANT BRONZE. Music is by RMA MOFFETT, BENJAMIN IOBST, HIMALAYAN BELLS, and 33 BOWLS.

Stephen Hill

From the program
Stephen Hill says: A performance of 1,000 minutes of composer Jem Finer’s 1,000
year-long composition “Longplayer” for Tibetan bowls. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts,
San Francisco, October 16th, 2010. A project of the Long Now Foundation


The program is FREE on Sundays