From Nadia Sirota on Q2, The Advent of Video: “TV on the Internet “

So, what does Nadia have to say to the world this week?

“It’s mid-January. It’s cold. It’s dark. There’s no holiday in sight. We need to listen to some big, moving works to get the blood flowing again! There is no better way to combat the January blahs than exposure to massive, multimedia works. (Not an FDA approved treatment for SAD, don’t sue me! This is more like a, um, suggestion.) This week, we’re exploring what is surely an ill-advised theme for a radio show: music with a strong, visual component.”

Hey!! Not ill-advised at all. The presentation of more video, “music video”, if you will, by NPR/music, WBGO, Jazz 88, Newark, NJ, more opportunities and more archives from the GreenSpace, all say that this is the coming thing and that it is here. If Peter Gelb can put Opera in movie theatres, if “The Dude” in L.A. can bring Classical Music to the masses, why not more opportunities for us internet denizens?

Check out this week’s page. Scroll down and you will find quite an array of wonderful video. There is everything from a 57 second trailer for Peter Broderick’s Music for Falling From Trees ito Philip Glass’ Koyannisqatsi, and Steve Reich and Beryl Korot discussing “The Cave” and “Three Tales,” with Vered Shemtov and Aurora Forum Director Mark Gonnerman.

I think with presentation, Q2 is dipping its toe into a new and possibly wonderful area for its listeners (and viewers? That would be so cool).