Hooray for Innova on Live365.com

I am an admitted Innova addict and zealot. Innova, the recording arm of the American Composers Forum, St Paul. MN, is simply the finest organization presenting New Music in the United States.

Innova has long had a presence at live365.com, a subscription based and monumentally huge and important source for music on the internet.

In fact, live365.com is how I originally got involved with Innova. As a subscriber to live365.com, I was looking for music sources on the internet to augment my serious listening with content from the New Music scene. I had set up a new computer. I could not get the Innova five streams to run. I sent an email to Innova and received a speedy reply. I recognized the sender as a person intimately involved with a Public Radio project that was near and dear to my heart. I explained to him my problems and also my experiences with that Public Radio project, American Mavericks from American Public Media, an arm of Minnesota Public Radio. That was the start of a relationship which I value highly.

So, enough of all of that background. Suffice it to say that I have purchased a lot of music from Innova that I first heard on one of the five channels on live365.com.

Innova has just revamped the channels with new offerings. If you are a fan of New Music, here is a way for you to sample all sorts of wonderful stuff. Then you can visit Innova to buy the music on CD, or Amazon to buy the albums in .mp3.

Below is a graphic of the Innova web page which speaks to this set of offerings. Visit the page and check it out.

So, give yourself a leg up in New Music. Get a subscription to live365.com. It is really cheap – er, I mean inexpensive and affordable. Innova was not my first involvement with live365.com. For your very very low subscription, you may select as “favorites” as many of the literally thousands of channels as you like. I have a total of twelve. There are lots of ways to listen. You can listen right at live365.com, you can also bookmark the streams to your own Winamp or iTunes software.

I hope that you will enjoy the offerings of Innova and live365.com