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New York Times Celebrates Julia Wolfe

This article is copyright protected, so, just a taste here.

Post-Minimalism and Folk Ballads Fuel a Composer

Allan Kozinn
Published: February 1, 2011 (in Print edition 2.2.2011)

“Like most composers, Julia Wolfe is often in two places at once psychically: working on new pieces (with working defined as anything from cogitating and experimenting to actually putting the notes on paper) but also seeing that the backlist is getting attention. In recent weeks she has been putting the finishing touches on Iron Maiden, a new solo work for the percussionist Evelyn Glennie, and working on Combat de Boxe, for the Asko Ensemble of the Netherlands. And she has been gathering thoughts for a work for the Ethel string quartet and a vocalist. ”

Ms Wolfe

Ms Wolfe is one of the founders of Bang On A Can, now a venerable music institution, which needs and deserves your financial support, especially if you are into New Music. Check out Bang On A Can and the Bang On A Can All-Stars.

Bang On A Can All-Stars

This is a very thorough article. Read the full piece here.


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