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This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 936 ALGORITHMICA

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:

“The most famous achievements of English musical genius BRIAN ENO are a string of groundbreaking solo albums and collaborations going back to the 1970s, his role as producer of U2 and other major rock bands, and popularizing the term “ambient” as applied to music. Thank you, Brian, for all that.

Brian Eno

Less well known is Eno’s advocacy of generative or algorithmic music — a method of making music automatically based on a formula or set of rules. It’s heady, theoretical stuff, but in the right hands, the results can be both appealing and unexpected.

Two of those hands belong to German musician MARKUS REUTER, an electronic “touch” guitarist and composer of algorithmic music, with a growing catalog of solo and collaborative projects. On this transmission of Hearts of Space, a wintry excursion in the realm of ambient sound featuring the music of MARKUS REUTER called ALGORITHMICA.

Stephen Hill

Markus Reuter

From the program




The program is FREE on Sunday


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