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eighth blackbird in the Wall Street Journal: “Blackbird Singing in the City Night “

This article is copyright protected, so just a wee touch.

eighth blackbird

“Fifteen years ago, Eighth Blackbird [the WSJ is just getting its feet wet ion Culture, so excuse the capitaliztion which is incorrect] arrived on the new-music scene, six conservatory graduates with great technical chops and unbounded musical tastes. Audacious and versatile, these Grammy Award-winning chamber musicians have since developed a reputation for doing just about anything to ramp up the expressive impact of their concerts, which encompass pieces inspired by indie rock as well as rigorous modernist classics…

“After successfully choosing music and performers for the 2009 Ojai Festival in California, they were asked to curate the Park Avenue Armory’s Tune-In Music Festival, which runs from Wednesday to Sunday….”

Read the full article here.

And, check out Nadia Sirota on Q2: “Powerful vs. Powerless”

“New York is still bustling with festivals, festivals, festivals! This week in particular, there’s some impressive programming courtesy of one of our favorite chamber ensembles, eighth blackbird. The versatile sextet has set up a short festival, called Tune-In beginning this Wednesday at the Park Ave Armory, based on Stravinsky’s famous quote: ‘Music is, by its very nature, essentially powerless to express anything at all.’ ”

You know there will be a great music stream.


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